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Weeding Hook

Weeding Hook

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Nobody enjoys weeding, but weeds growing out from hard-to-reach places like decks and driveways are by far the worst. Our Mintiml™ Attachable Weeding Hook is the perfect solution for your weeding problems!

Using either our curved or straight hook design, our weeding hook digs down into the areas our fingers can't reach and removes the weed at the root, preventing it from growing back. The best part is you can eliminate invasive weeds without bending over or using harmful chemicals!


Main Features:

  • Penetrates Every Surface
    An easy-to-use tool that effectively removes weeds from driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and anywhere else you don’t want them, keeping your property looking well-kept and organized.  
  • No More Bending Down Or Kneeling 
    Rip up annoying weeds with our weeding hook, then grab a broom and sweep them away. Your days of being hunched over on your knees picking out weeds are behind you!
  • Eco-Friendly
    No harmful pesticides and weedicides required here! Our Weeding Hook gives you a natural and simple way to remove weeds from your yard, allowing pollinators, birds, and other helpful creatures to enjoy your yard.
  • The Most Efficient Way To Weed
    Are you trying to make the driveway and backyard patio weed-free before the barbeque tonight? What would usually seem like an arduous, time-consuming task will now take mere minutes. You won't even break a sweat.

Our weeding hook functions primarily the same way you would use a mop. Just line up the hook with the area you want to rid of weeds, and roll it back and forth until it's weed-free! The snatch-and-pull technology will clear out long driveway grooves in minutes.


Materials: Stainless Steel and ABS
Product Weight: 400 grams
Package Contains: 1x Mintiml™ Attachable Weeding Hook


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.
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