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Twisting The Waist Dish

Twisting The Waist Dish

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  • Stick to twisting every day, you will find amazing changes!

  • Good and effective exercise: 
  • Combining the benefits of aerobic exercise with reflexology with this twist plank works your abs, tightens your hips, thighs and body muscles, massages your feet, and improves blood circulation.

Main Features

  • When you are sitting in the office, working, or watching TV, or reading at home,put your feet on the Twisting the waist dish and often massage the reflex area of the soles of your feet, which canmake you more relaxed
  • The high-rebound twist rope engages the whole body in the workout.
    Use two plates together to unlock more workouts! Legs close together, the effect is strong!!!
  • Non-slip Base & Protect the floor:
    The soft silicone non-slip sheet firmly grasps the ground without worrying about slipping during exercise, and at the same time protecting the floor from being scratched

  • Foot Massage &Principle of magnetic therapy:
    The wave disc will massage and stimulate meridian points on the bottom of the feet and help promote good health. Magnetic waves generate micro-currents through foot massage to promote human metabolism.

  • Bearing Weight to 120KG:ABS plastic has excellent mechanical properties, impact resistance, wear resistance, and good stability, also can be used in extreme stability

    This fitness tool is easy to carry and store, you can use it at home or take it to the gym.

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