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Summer Garden Toys Rocket Sprinklers

Summer Garden Toys Rocket Sprinklers

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🎁 No matter what holiday, no matter who the gift is for, it fits perfectly.

🎁The best gift for your kids

The Garden Rocket Sprinkler Toy - Experience water fun like never before!

Connect a garden hose to the throttle to lift and balance the rocket on a jet of water. Once the rocket is balanced in the desired spot, water will spurt out of the rocket's tip, dousing anyone brave enough to walk under the rocket.

The rocket sprinkler is shaped like a rocket and looks so cute and cool. The bright color can easily attract children to play water games on the lawn, backyard or yard.

Step 1: Connect the hose (if the supplied water pipe is not long enough, you can equip the water pipe with a universal interface); Step 2: Connect the hose to the faucet; Step 3: Twist the valve and tighten! NOTE: Please open the valve of the faucet slowly. The higher the water pressure, the faster the rotation and the higher the spray height.

[DIY sticker] When you receive the product, you will find that the sticker is not attached first. Please don't worry, we put the stickers in the product packaging, and you can decorate the stickers yourself, and paste them according to your favorite position to make the rocket toy more beautiful. Make a difference from other rocket toys.

[Durable Material] The rocket sprinkler is made of eco-friendly ABS material, safe and sturdy, durable and long-lasting, perfect to bring your kids or pets a lot of fun in hot summer days.

rocket water toy

[Great Summer Water Gift] The rocket sprinkler toy is a fun gift for kids to enjoy water fun in summer with their families and pets. An innovative toy that keeps kids busy perfect for beach, pool and backyard fun that is enjoyable for all ages.

rocket toy

Easy to assemble

1. Connect the connectors on both ends of the water pipe first.

2. Insert the connector into the launch base.

3. Drop the other connector and attach it to the spout of the faucet.

4. Place the rocket on the launch base and slowly turn on the water tap. The rocket will spin up and take off as the water pressure increases.

Note: If the length of the free water line is not sufficient, you can also provide the same model with a longer water line.

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