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Stone Inner Carving Grinder Disc

Stone Inner Carving Grinder Disc

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  • The Best Tool For Stone Carving
    Stone Inner Carving Grinder Disc is made of high-quality important diamond which can be used for grinding marble, granite, quartz, artificial stone, concrete, ceramics, etc.

  • Quality Material
    This tool is very durable for grinding purpose which it can last a very long time. It has a curvy shape and sandy surface which its output will be smooth and linear.
  • Suitable For All Types Of Stone
    With these special tools, you are able to work on every kind of stone inner carving work.

  • High-quality Emery
    These high-speed and high-quality diamond coated cutting discs are suitable for use in tight places and for flush cutting, can be used with your rotary tool to cut a wide variety of materials.
  • Fast Cutting Action
    This diamond grinding wheel has a high diamond concentration for a long-serving time and aggressive material removal which provides a very fast cutting action on masonry, stone, and concrete.

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