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Remote Control DRIFT CAR

Remote Control DRIFT CAR

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How Long Does The Battery Last?

Each battery has an average playtime of 30-45 minutes and takes 1 hour to charge.

What Are The Specifications?

Scale: 1/24 scale

Size: 7.08 x 3.14 x 1.96 inches or 185×80×60mm

How Fast Does It Go?

The top speed is 9.5mph or 15km/h


Ready To Drift?

The Driftros drift cars are built to slide and drift with ease, just like real cars! With its powerful motor and 4-wheel drive system, you'll have total control on the track.

Built to Last

The Driftros are tough enough for high-speed racing. It's made from durable materials and has a strong chassis and suspension system to handle tough terrains and crashes. This car is built to last, giving you reliable performance and value for your money.

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