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One-Button Open And Close Sealing Tank

One-Button Open And Close Sealing Tank

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  • Simple snack jar, open in one second, one-handed operation, easy to take and save time.

  • One-key opening and closing innovative design solve the problems of cumbersome opening and poor sealing.

  • Ordinary sealed cans, large volume, storage is not convenient, Very occupy a space. Our products are small and mini, easy to carry, easily put into bags carry.

Main Features

  • ✔ One-Button Open And Close Sealing Tank, press to open, and press to seal when used up.

  • ✔Sealed and kept fresh, no water leakage when placed upside down, you can rest assured to store fruits and so on.

  • ✔The upper and lower groove design can be stacked freely, saving more space.

  • ✔Large-caliber bottle body, detachable body, no dead spots for cleaning, not easy to hide dirt.

  • ✔ Suitable for home, office, travel, etc. Store fruits, snacks, fruits, juices, biscuits, easy to carry, delicious, and enjoyable

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