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Instant Hair Color Spray

Instant Hair Color Spray

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Scared of committing to whole new hair color? Or do you just want to try it out for fun? Get a bottle of Hair Colour Spray for a quick spritz of glamorous color to liven up your hair.
Do away with those long dye jobs at expensive salons. With its lusciously vibrant colors, this color spray paints your hair instantly through a spray-on applicator that’s easy to use
It uses a temporary dye, allowing you to freely switch, mix, and match its multiple luxurious colors for different stylish looks.


  • Instant Hair Color 
    The perfect alternative for long, expensive dye jobs, now you can color your hair instantly at a bargain price.
  • Spray-on Application
    Just shake and spray! Get a whole new look with half the effort.
  • Long-lasting 
    The color firmly stays in place after drying with only minimal fading. You’ll be rocking crazy gorgeous hair for the whole day and more.
  • Vibrant Tones 
    Specially formulated for the most gorgeous effect, it's guaranteed to paint your hair in rich, vibrant colors that shine. Ideal for lighter hair colors.
  • Temporary Dye 
    A fun, temporary hair dye, you can freely switch up colors or just use it for an occasion with no consequences to your hair.
  • Multiple Colors 
    Available in five luscious colors, there’s a perfect fit for every occasion and personality. Get more to mix and match for an even more unique look.
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