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foot massage mat

foot massage mat

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foot massage mat

The sole of the foot is called the "second heart" and stimulating the sole of the foot promotes blood circulation throughout the body. When blood flow is slowed, it becomes difficult to expel waste products and tends to cause chills and swelling. When properly entered, it is a powerful tool to heal daily fatigue, maintain health and detoxify the body. You can also use the acupuncture point to check the painful areas and reconsider your eating habits and lifestyle.

Can be used at any time

You can easily massage your foot pot by placing it on the floor where you walk back and forth on a daily basis, e.g. B. at the entrance, in the kitchen, in the dressing room and in the hallway. While watching TV, you can stimulate the acupuncture points at the back of the sofa. Even if you lack exercise or you are tired from daily office or desk work, you can put it under the desk to give your feet moderate stimulation and help your health. You can push the pot with the daily "while" action.

Widespread use

Easy to carry and store because you can roll it around! It can be used by fathers and mothers, grandpas and grandmas and all children regardless of age and gender. Even with a lack of exercise or daily exhaustion, it gives your feet a moderate incentive and supports your health. when you are tired

Good for your health

Invest 10 minutes a day for a new and healthier life! HURRISE presents all new 2021 edition 13.8 inch long acupressure massaing pad that will rejuvenate your feet and calm you at their best.Assorted pebbles provide precise pressure on different points on your feet to better help your circulation.

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