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Egg Pillow Sleep Neck Pillow

Egg Pillow Sleep Neck Pillow

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Uncomfortable pillows keep you up all night, you fold, turn and swaddle, but you never get the perfect support you've been looking for. The Well Sleep Pillow claims to be so comfortable and supportive that it guarantees a sound sleep every night.



This sleeping pillow is filled with millions of micro-balls of air that allow the pillow to mold to your head and neck in any sleeping position. The cushion returns to its original shape when not in use and will remain so even after several years!


Try it and experience a new level of comfort when sleeping. Provides relief for all sleepers with neck/shoulder/back pain, etc. You will wake up with renewed energy and ready for the day keeping you comfortable and relieving tension, stress and anxiety throughout the night.


Wake up feeling refreshed! The Well Sleep Pillow is so well ventilated that you don't sweat and your head stays dry while you sleep. You won't feel the urgent need to rush to the shower and wash off the excess sweat when you normally do.


This sleeping pillow can be used for a long period of time without cleaning without our skin suffering. It can be both machine washed and hand washed, it is convenient for users to sleep in clean conditions, and effectively prevent the production of moisture and others that cause various skin diseases.


  • Material: foam particles + cotton
  • Color: light grey, dark grey, white, blue
  • Size: 48*29*13cm
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