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Wood Burning Kit

Wood Burning Kit

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  • Effortless Wood-Burning
    Easy to use handle allows precise moves and wouldn’t results in cramp during use. It is the ideal kit for beginners to create a variety of crafts!
  • Move & Draw Precisely
    Effortlessly create smooth, clean lines, patterns and add depth & dimension to your work!
  • Versatile Usage
    Can be used for wood burning, soldering, and hot knife cutting with its multiple tips! You can create ornaments, candles, cutlery, wood work, leather crafts or more - options with this kit is endless!
  • Interchangeable Tips
    Easy to switch. They do a decent job of outlining, shading, some detailing, and some lettering.
  • Adjustable Temperature
    Allows you to adjust the heat from 200°C - 450°C for any project.
  • Ideal For Wood & Leather
    Also works great on cork, welding circuit boards, foam and more.
  • Durably Made
    Sturdy, Rust-Proof, and Safe To Use.


  • Choose a tip you like and install it to the device;
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for it to heat up;
  • Start drawing on the wood surface with it;
  • Start burning the design on the wood surface


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