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Decorative solar lamp

Decorative solar lamp

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  • Solar powered lamp provides warm beautiful lamplight, decorate your life
  • Charge during the day and automatically turn on the light at night. Put it in a sunny place and use the sun's energy to charge

  • Waterproof construction can also be used on rainy days, with a waterproof rubber stopper on the thread of the bottle cap to prevent rainwater from entering on rainy days


  • Light source: LED lamp with copper wire
  • Product size: as shown above
  • Solar panel: 2V 100MA polysilicon
  • Material: Cracked Glass/Stainless Steel/Thread
  • Light mode: always on light
  • Application: wedding decoration, proposal, birthday party, room decoration, shop display , etc.

• Display of product details

1:Thickened and stiffened cracked glass

2:Waterproof rubber plug cap with switch

3:Photosensitive solar panel with 600MA battery

4:Do not embroider steel bindings restoring ancient ways Hemp rope, practical atmosphere

  • Real photo display:

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