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Dancing Santa Claus Doll

Dancing Santa Claus Doll

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Santa is dancing around the Christmas tree this year!

CrazyClaus™ will have your whole family in a frenzy... they'll sing, dance and twerk with Santa

This crazy dancing Santa doll is dancing to the song "I Like Big Butts" by SirMixaLot and it's hilarious to watch... all of you Family will sing, dance and laugh all night

Product Benefits

 PERFECT GIFT - instead of giving the same old boring gifts you always give, swap it out this year and give a gift that will make everyone dance, smile and laugh!

 Jolly Santa - everyone loves Santa, now watch him let off some steam and get on the dance floor this holiday season ✅ Easy to use - super easy to use - just throw in 3 AAA batteries and hit the clearly labeled button click and that's it. Watch CrazyClaus™ get the holiday season off to a good start!

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