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Corner Angle Finder

Corner Angle Finder

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Quickly and easily measures angles accurately of difficulties corners and shapes with twistable and collapsible rulers.

With external and internal scales for easier measurements when mitre cutting large boards, fillets and architraves.



  • Quick & Precise

Simply push the tip of the finder against the corner and lock the rulers on both sides for exact measurements of the inside and out.

  • Versatile

With external and internal scales for easier measurements, applicable on all materials and works, whether you’re mitre cutting large boards or making a wooden table. 

  • Screw

Tighten the screw for easier and steady reading of the measurements, and simply loosen up the screw to measure corners and angles.


  • Durable

Aluminium materials made, made for long-term use and able to withstand constant use and shock-proof.

  • Space Saving

Collapsible rulers that can clasp together, lightweight and easy to carry around.



Materials: Aluminium

Size: 38cm (Length), 7cm (Each Ruler)



1x Corner Angle Finder


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