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Cat Laser Collar

Cat Laser Collar

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Inaction and laziness are best solved by action!!

The premature mortality rate of obese cats is about three times that of ideal weight cats. To prevent the cat from becoming obese, you need to either take her outside, or take care of her all the time. You can't do both all the time.

Hands free cat toy

The light beam is integrated into the collar, so the point of light is always in front of the cat, whether it is jumping or running. Cats are always drawn to prey, so it's ideal for anyone who works from home and needs time to focus or relax.


After 15 minutes under normal working conditions, the laser lamp will turn off automatically and enter into energy-saving mode. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, the laser will automatically turn on again.

Rechargeable USB battery🔋


The interactive cat collar is made of selected PC, TPC material, soft, durable and washable. What is harmless to cats or other pets. Lightweight collar is comfortable to wear on kitten's neck.

Suitable and comfortable for cats

The adjustable collar length of 200-310mm and the flexible 41 degree light pointer head make it suitable for most cat sizes. At only 1 oz, it's light enough for cats to carry even when chasing.

Hands free cat toy

Who is this product for?

  • Those who are uncomfortable with their cat damaging the house and other things.
  • Those whose cats have started to get fat or who have fat cats.
  • Those who cannot take care of their cat when it goes outside.
  • Who are looking for a new toy for their cat.

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