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Baby Swaddle Blanket

Baby Swaddle Blanket

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Afraid that your baby might catch a cold this coming Winter season? Try our Baby Swaddle Blanket and keep your little one safe and warm in this cozy baby bear blanket. 


SOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE – Our Baby Swaddle Blankets are not only beautiful but also soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The Baby Swaddle Blanket comes with an adjustable velcro closure that helps tighten or loosen the blanket for a catered comfortable fit for your baby. 

ANTI-ROLLING – The shape of the portable baby swaddle blanket has an anti-rolling design to stop babies from spilling over into a dangerous position when you are not watching over them.

ADJUSTABLE POSITION – This sleeping bag is suitable for babies from 0-8 months old. It is specifically designed to be adjusted with a skin-friendly velcro so that your baby won’t outgrow it too fast, this way, maintaining their comfortability and warmth.

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