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Wood Angle Shaping Disc

Wood Angle Shaping Disc

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The Wood Angle Shaping Disc is designed to make the removal of wood for any woodworking project significantly easier and faster. Whether you're a hobby woodworker or a journeyman carpenter, this disc will be easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to enjoy.



  • High-Quality Durability - Tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that rapidly remove wood fibers and outlasts sandpaper pads. 
  • Time-Saving - Perfect for quick and easy removal and shaping of wood, especially for convex and concave wood and non-metal materials. 
  • Versatile - Suitable for ⅝ inch angle grinder. Designed to mount on all standard grinders.
  • Easy To Use - Lightweight and convenient for easy carry. Just install it on your angle grinder as you would with any disc and start using it. 
  • Superior Materials - Created using high-quality no. 45 carbon steel that ensures long service life even under heavy work pressure. 



Designed using only the highest-quality steel, this disc will outlast its competition. The teeth stay sharp even after excessive usage, leaving you with a superior finished product time after time. It's extremely lightweight which makes it easy to use for long periods of time without strain.


Material: No. 45 Carbon Steel
Diameter: 100mm
Bore diameter: 16mm/22mm
Color: Gold, Silver, Red, Black


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