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Water-Absorbing Flowerpot with Tray

Water-Absorbing Flowerpot with Tray

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  • "Automatic Water-Absorbing Flowerpot", once watering plants can be as long as a week without water, to solve your worries

Main Features

  • Water-Absorbing For More Than A Week:

  • There is no need for frequent watering to meet the amount of water your plants need for a week. The independent water absorption chassis, so there is no need to worry about the plants being flooded.

  • Dense Water Holes:

  • There are watering holes at the bottom of the flowerpot, which completely isolates the plant growth environment from the water storage environment, and it is also convenient to observe the current water level.

  • Soil And Water Separation

  • The bottom of the flowerpot can be removed, and water can be injected directly from the bottom of the flowerpot to maintain the plants. 

  • Easy To Install/remove/move

  • The flowerpot body and the bottom tray are connected together by a card tray, which is convenient for installation or removal. After installation, it forms a whole with the main body of the flowerpot, does not fall off, and is easy to move as a whole.

  • The Perfect Gardening Gift

  • Made of PP material, light, and not easy to deform or break. These pots will be the perfect decoration for living rooms, bedrooms, windowsills, tabletops, offices, and gardens,and also the perfect gardening gift for your plant lover friends

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