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Swaddling Wrap White

Swaddling Wrap White

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Are you looking for a way to keep your little darling warm?

 looking for a way to keep your little darling warm?

Any solution to keep him from scratching his face at night?


BabyStuff™ will be your ally to accompany you throughout your baby's growth period.

It's soft and fluffy and will keep your sweetheart warm in its little cocoon.



When your baby comes out of the clean bath,  pick your baby up and give them the warmth they need.

It can also wrap your child at bedtime to limit their movements at night or during their nap.



The swaddling will remind him of the feeling of life he felt in your belly. She reassures and calms him, which reduces crying.

It will no longer startle and cry, but its little arms will be held on its warm body.


Whether it's a little boy or girl, from 0 to 3 months, they will be pampered thanks to our wide range of colors.



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