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Sewing Machine Leather Roller Presser Foot

Sewing Machine Leather Roller Presser Foot

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This Leather Roller Presser Foot is unversal to any type sewing machine,the difference between the 3 options is only the size of the pad, please kindly check the details in the pictures. Thank you.

This LEATHER ROLLER PRESSER FOOTgives you more control and causesless friction between the footand feed the dog while sewing or quilting on leather, denim, fur, suede, synthetics and napped or piled fabrics.

Using Methods

1. Attach Leather Roller Presser Foot to the machine; adjust the needle position to the far left to sit next to the wheel of the foot.

2. Place the trim on the right side of the fabric edge, aligning the flange of the trim with the raw edge of the fabric. Stitch the trim to the fabric, sewing next to the trim.

3. Place the second piece of fabric right side down, aligning the raw edges of both fabrics. Using the same settings as above, stitch through all layers, on top of the first stitching. 

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