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Padded Car Seat Cover

Padded Car Seat Cover

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Unlike any other cover on the market, the padded car seat cover allows you to feel like you are on a comfortable sofa while driving. It fits perfectly on any front seat of any car, be it an SUV, regular car or even a truck.

Why You'll Love the Padded Car Seat Cover

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from high quality and durable materials. We use innovative fabrics, plush and designs.

✅ SUPER COMFORTABLE - Comfortable polyester padding with small squares. Comfortable and durable plush fabric. Has good elasticity, not easy to deform. Helps to relieve the pressure in the neck and waist, giving you a comfortable driving experience. Warm and comfortable plush cushions for autumn and winter.

✅ Good Heat Protection - With the coming of winter, this seat cushion will keep you warm when you sit on your office chair or vehicle seat, also the soft material will bring you a comfortable feeling.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL - No professional installation required.

  • Size: 105*49cm
  • Head cap: 38*22cm
  • Material: short plush
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