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Electric Drill Attachment Reciprocating Saw

Electric Drill Attachment Reciprocating Saw

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Tool to convert drill to Hand Saw

Metal cutting, wood sawing, plastic cutting, ultralight brick cutting

  • The drill converts into a sword saw, used for cutting wood, steel pipes, cutting plastic, plaster

    Sharp, supple steel saw blade, can cut quickly like a specialized cutter

    Easy to install and disassemble, stable operation, giving you the perfect cutting experience!

  • Comfortable for you to hold and also easy to operate, you can assemble it yourself, which can give you a better operating experience.
  • Steel saw-blade chuck, the saw-blade can be quickly replaced by rotation without disassembly.
  • It is made of fine material, ABS handle, you do not need to change them often.
  • Easy to use and modify, with this tool, you do not need to buy the electric-saw, which can save your money.

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