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Adjustable Corner Clamp

Adjustable Corner Clamp

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HandyClamp™ - A must-have for woodworkers for an easier workflow

No more unreliable flimsy hands fighting to keep your stuff in place. Introducing the PracticalClamp™ - a better, more stable hand to offer next time you woodwork.

Uniquely designed to align work pieces at that perfect 90 degree angle without damaging the surface or leaving marks. This makes drilling much easier without having to hold the device in place at the same time.

product benefits

 Holds things in place - meaning you never have to worry about your clumsy friend holding onto them and not paying attention and potentially ruining the whole job. This piece keeps everything in place so you can get the job done quickly and less hassle with a friend.  Drill Slots - Allows for easy operation even with the wood staying in place. This kills two birds with one stone and gets the job done in record time.  Fully Adjustable - Zeroing and clamping on any surface regardless of thickness. 

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